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How To Provide Effective Corrective Feedback

Format: Audio Conference

How To Provide Effective Corrective Feedback
Feedback matters in the modern workplace. It is a basic fact that employees need to know how they are doing at work Ė and they need to hear that information from their managers.

Importantly, supervisors must provide their employees with performance feedback on an ongoing basis Ė both positive feedback when team members are doing things right and corrective feedback when improvement is needed.

While both types of feedback are important, this session focuses specifically on the how-to aspects of providing corrective feedback. When providing employees with corrective feedback, itís critical to present the information in a manner that is likely to lead to the desired performance results. Otherwise, all youíre doing is providing criticism Ė and thatís not likely lead to results (at least not the results you need).

Learning Objectives

Attend this informative audio conference and learn the doís and doníts of providing effective corrective feedback.

By attending, you and/or your team will learn a practical framework for communicating corrective feedback in a results-focused manner, and find out how to apply it in your improvement-focused interactions with employees, plus:
  • Common feedback mistakes to avoid when providing performance improvement feedback
  • Helpful tips and techniques for providing effective corrective feedback
  • Corrective feedback step-by-step: 8 steps to follow
  • Best practices for meaningful, results-focused performance feedback
  • Ways to ensure that feedback is meaningful and can have impact
  • Building stronger employee relationships through effective corrective feedback
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